Sunday, April 17, 2016

Functional Forum at Schwartz Living Market on Monday evening, May 2, 2016! We are Feelin' the Bern too!

Hello and Happy Springtime! Stop down to the market to work for the Bernie Sanders campaign and to express your appreciation for all of the amazing volunteers.  Lena, Chris, Raja and so many others are dedicating their LIVES these days for social change. Paradigm shifting has been at the root of the Schwartz Living Market process for many years.....The market is open from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM through the Pennsylvania Primary on April 26, 2016.

Words cannot express how honored and privileged we feel to be hosting both the Bernie Sanders Pittsburgh Campaign Headquarters and Pittsburgh's LIVE STREAMING Functional Forum! Free parking behind the market across Bingham Street for Bernie volunteers and for Functional Forum attendees!

The next Functional Forum is on Monday evening, May 2, 2016 from 6:00 to 9:00 PM!

Join us for an amazingly exciting and intellectually stimulating evening! Healthy Food will be donated by a local non profit called 412 Rescue.
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May 2016 Functional Forum

If there is one conference that has charted the rise of the Functional Forum and the Evolution of Medicine it is the Integrative Health Symposium, the biggest integrative and functional medicine conference on the East Coast, held each February in New York.
For our May episode we bring you the best content from the conference, and a theme emerged quickly… and it was music to our ears…
The Power of Groups, Groupers and Community. Not only was this a theme of some of the best content, but we were also able to capture insight from our NYC Functional Forum community members attending the conference.
We are thrilled to bring highlights of Dr. David Perlmutter’s epic keynote where he talked about “Grouping and Splitting” and how the chronic disease epidemic can best be solved by grouping symptoms, rather than “splitting diagnoses”.
We will also feature a segment from Jamie Harvie, Executive Director of Institute for a Sustainable Future, an incredible talk as part of the “Community in Medicine” panel that James was featured on, hosted by John Weeks.
We also feature Dr. Dan Kraft, Dr. David Brady, Dr. Robin Berzin and many more luminaries at the conference.
 This episode will address the following questions:
  • How can we group symptoms to more effectively address multi-factoral chronic diseases
  • Why chronic disease must be seen in a larger ecological and community context
  • Clinical tips from our NYC community of practitioners to get better clinical results with patients

Keynote Speakers

Dr. David Perlmutter “Groupers, Splitters and the Future of Chronic Disease Care”
Jamie Harvie “Community, Ecology and the Powerful Role of Integrative Medicine”

Other Speakers Include:

Dr. Daniel Kraft, Dr. Robin Berzin, Dr. David Brady, & many more!   

Many blessings for a Happy and Healthy Springtime!
Smell the amazing flowers blooming everywhere!

Elisa Beck :)
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