Saturday, May 6, 2017

Welcome Amazing Books and Records!

In June, 2017, Amazing Books and Records will grace us at the Schwartz Living Market Building@ 1317 East Carson Street with their presence! We're so excited!

Here's a link to the recent article in City Paper's Blog:

As Amazing Books and Records settles in, we continue working behind the scenes Greening up our building at 1317 East Carson Street to lead us into our Regenerative Future. The idea is we are modeling "the more beautiful future we all know is possible." Thank You Charles Eisenstein for that phrase! :)

  We continue to document the Materials Petal of the Living Building Challenge. The Living Building Challenge. What is That? Well, the idea is this: How do you create a building that is as beautiful as a flower and functions as efficiently and effectively? There are seven petals and 20 imperatives to the challenge. Zero Net or Positive Energy, Zero Net or Positive Water, Materials, Beauty, Equity, Health and Site. Check out the International Living Futures Institute web site at for more details. The idea is to leave the Extraction economy of oil and gas behind and move seamlessly into our Regenerative, Restorative Future NOW! We have been a Transition Town Project, Living Building Challenge Registered Project from the get go since we began this process in 2010!

See The Transition Handbook, by Rob Hopkins to learn about powering down and be sure to check out Paul Hawken's newest book Drawdown. It turns out, there's lots more jobs to be had in the Solar, Wind and Building Renovation sectors than in the dwindling Oil and Gas Economy. So, remember to speak these truths to your family and friends, Divest from Oil and Gas, and here we go gliding into the future NOW!

Currently  at 1317 East Carson Street, we are going for Living Building Challenge Petal Recognition for the front 4600 feet of our 18,000 square foot building with its cold prep kitchen. We plan to complete an overall plan for the entire building. If you'd love to join us on the journey and have resources of any kind to donate, monetary, or otherwise, let us know! There's lots more to write about, so until next time,

Happy Springtime and we'll see you on May 28, 2017, from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM at Open Streets PGH sponsored by BIKEPGH and others:)

Blessings, Peace, Love, Shalom & Namaste, y'all,

Elisa Beck:)
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