Saturday, December 22, 2012

Schwartz Living Market and Permaculture Eden!

Stay tuned for our Grand Opening in 2013! We're taking time planning the next phases in the development of Schwartz Living Market. The market is to be the engine for green growth for the development of the overall building at 1317 East Carson Street and beyond. What does a market that fuels green growth look like? What types of food vendors? What other vendors? What classes are taught there? Who is involved? What are your ideas? Feel free to post on the Schwartz Living Market Facebook page, or e-mail to us at  We plan to schedule community engagement charrettes and activities, some free and some not, and lots and lots of classes too!

Jonathan's Foods, plant based and gluten-free, will be there along with the Cheese Monger, Rosaflora Botanicals, Jenn's Jems, Global Lovin', Indigenous Central American Arts and Crafts, Lauren's Design, and more. If you know a person or group that would like to be part of the action, especially food merchants that vend pure unadulterated food, please contact us at, and let us know you want to be there! 

In addition to market planning, we continue to plan for the overall Living Building Renovation of an existing historic structure, that's the building that houses Schwartz Living Market at 1317 East Carson Street. The tenth to seventeenth street corrider in Pittsburgh's historic South Side is a 'double' historic district. It's one of the few designated historic main streets in our nation. Our project is one of the few Living Building Challenge of an Existing Historic Structure projects registered in the world at this time. Like the Living Building Challenge Collaborative-Pittsburgh Facebook page, and learn more about the Living Building Challenge to understand what this means as we enter our new world! What are all of the details involved with the Living Building Challenge? There sure are a LOT of details! What is the Living Building Challenge? Go to to find out.

We're figuring out how to fund the overall planning of the project, including defining the scope. How do we fund all of the 'pieces' of this amazing project? Once we define the full scope, what are a few of these pieces?  How about the funding of the complete Permaculture site design with all of the cool systems that fulfill the Living Building Challenge so the buidling is zero net energy and zero net water? Well, how about the funding for the design and building of the grand Stairway to Eden, the stair that will be allow access to the rooftop for everyone in the South Side and beyond to experience the joy of looking out at the 360 degree view of the 'Burgh unobstructed and do rooftop farming at the permaculture production farm! We are so excited about all of this.

Know that we are determined and we want to learn with you. Join Us!
Contact us through the Facebook Page Schwartz Living Market or

All the best blessings for this holiday season and into the New Year!  The Schwartz Living Market Team at 1317 East Carson Street :)

Some folks connecting at a few of the Schwartz Living Market 'Preview' Events:
Erica Wells and Vicki Hanchin...

 Sven Hosford, Jamie Glover and others.

A little cutie with Chad!

Chris and David: Namaste!

A happy South Sider that learned a lot while jumping on a trampoline!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Saturdays in the South Side at Schwartz Living Market

Join us at Schwartz Living Market on Saturdays along with Global Lovin, Jenn's Jems, Jonathan's Foods,  Rosaflora Botanicals, Central American Indian Indigenous Arts and Crafts, Building New Hope's Fairly Traded Shade Grown Organic Coffee, The Cheese Monger, Designs by Lauren, Natural Vision Enhancement and more at 1317 East Carson Street. Crafts for children and live music Saturdays in December from 10 AM to 5 PM! 

Free parking behind the building across Bingham Street.

Tenache Golden of Rosaflora Botanicals and Jamie Glover of Global Lovin' at Schwartz Living Market

Lauren with her brother and nephew!

Jonathan's Foods are awesome!!!

We are planting seeds of change, and we need your support. Be sure to join us with lots of friends every Saturday in Pittsburgh's Historic South Side!!