Saturday, April 6, 2013

Thanks to Oasis, Thermoflow and so many others. We are overflowing with Gratitude at Schwartz Living Market! And Save The Dates: June 21,22 and 23, 2013!

Save The DateOur grand opening event on June 21, 22 and 23, 2013! Bravo! 

We'll be demonstrating that weekend of June 21,22 and 23,2013, what this space will be when fully activated. Who will be there?  Apoidia; Jenn's Jems; Gloval Lovin'; Thrice Great Apparel; Paititi; Jonathan's Foods; OmNom Bakers; Gryphon's Tea; Healcrest Farms Tea Pops; Building New Hope Coffee; Rosaflora Botanicals and Native Central American Arts and Crafts; Third Day Organics; Phil Osophical; Tamar George; Richard Snyder, photographer; Safdar Chaudhary, M.D. of S'Eclairer; Janet Mckee, Holistic Health Counselor; Developmental Optometrist and Somatic Movement Educator Elisa Beck's Vision Gym Demonstration too!

PA Resources Council's Zero Waste Pittsburgh Program will be composting food waste and doing the recycling for our opening! Riverview Carpet who installed our Marmoleum Kitchen floor will be displaying their genius, Forbo Marmoleum, an amazing local company will be there, and Artemis Environmental will be on site too!

How about you, too, with your fledgling or fully developed business with a conscience? We're looking for food vendors with a conscience that produce, or craft, or pick, or source, amazingly delicious and fresh, or value added products; amazing art produced with a conscience, and amazing anything that ought to be gracing our space for others to see and/or purchase!

We're also interested in you or your Non-Profit or For- Profit or Business, offering a variety of educational classes that weekend about Permaculture, anything to do with green, with plants and water and wind and the earth; Arts; Food, anything wonderful you can think of that the community would like to learn about! Stephanie Miller will be there offering individual classes in Vibroacoustic Harp Therapy. If you are interested in vending in the space permanently or temporarily,  or just for the opening weekend, please contact us at We look forward to hearing from you!

SAVE another DATE! July 3, 2013 at 7:00 PM: Brian Clement of the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida, will be speaking on the RAW Living Foods Lifestyle!! Stay tuned for details!

Overflowing with Gratitude! Schwartz Living Market Open House/Thank You event in April, 2013!
Bill Meier, of Thermoflow, Pittsburgh, Jenna West, Graphic Designer, and Chris Romagnoli of Oasis

Stephanie Miller, Vibroacoustic Harp Therpaist played so beautifully for us! With Ling Ling from CMU, and the Silvestri's.

Our Open House and Thank You event was so wonderful this past Thursday, April 4, 2013 with over 50 people attending over the course of three hours. The timing was not as announced, but as they say in the Transition Town Movement, whoever was there was meant to be there and now we are extending that to, whatever the timing is, is just right!

Thank You Oasis, A BIG shout out! Chris Romagnoli from Oasis in Columbus, Ohio for donating an amazing combination water fountain and Sports Water Filler and for traveling from Columbus to be with us this past Thursday! Also, thank you Matt Larkin for personally delivering the fixture and Bill Meier, of Thermoflow here in Pittsburgh; David Smith, Native American Medicine Man and amazing water and people blesser; Stephanie Miller, Harpist and Vibroacoustic Harp Therapist extraordinaire; Phil-O-Sophical, Kevin May, for his amazing Water Flowetry; Laura Beck, our bright, sweet and oh so helpful daughter; Pam Barroso, amazing lady; Ling Ling from Carnegie Mellon University who is helping us so much; Kate O’Brien, Visionary; Kyle Winkler of PA Resources Council for the one waste compost, landfill and recycling set up; Indigo Raffel of Conservation Consultants for her prayers; Matt Yough, Rachel, and everyone from Building New Hope for supplying their amazing fairly traded shade grown coffee that supports 50 families on an organic coffee farm in Nicaragua and other amazing work in Central America; Lauren DeCleva, Interior Designer; Enchanted Garden for the magnificent flowers and set up; Cambodican Kitchen for the delicious food without MSG; Mark Dixon for continuing to film into the fourth year of this project; Phipps Conservatory and Megan Palomo, for being there as a Living Building Challenge example for all of us; our team members, Brad Hochberg; Darrell Frey, Liz Lynch, Permaculturists;  Mark Dixon, Sarah Baxendell, Pam Barroso, Lauren DeKleva, Kate O'Brien, and everyone who attended and contributed their energy and spirit in so many wonderful ways!

Mark Dixon or filming; Jonathan of Jonathan's Foods, and his girlfriend looking on!

David Smith, Medicine Man, and faciitating blessing our water

Lauren DeCleva and Phil-O-Sophical!

Pam Barroso and John Silvestri

Listening to David talk about the qualities of Water...

Display of denim insulation and biodegradable, recyclable Seventh Generation detergent bottle! Plants by The Enchanted Garden on 13th St, half a block from Schwartz Living Market, and South Side's Premier Fresh Juice location!

Dan McSwiggen and his daugher-in-law from Cambod-ican Kitchen. Delicious fresh spring rolls were made on site! Mmmmmm...

We even called photographer Jason in who was walking by on E. Carson Street and he met Megan Palomo from Phipps!

Here's Phil-O-Sophical flowing on the Essence of Water!

Here's folks listening to Phil-O-Sophical!

Enjoying the food and conversation!            

When folks ask me what is this project about, "What are you doing?" I ask them, "What are you doing?" Work with us, engage, play and let's figure it all out together in a way you might not be used to. That's what this Transition Town process is all about! Rob Hopkins founded the movement in 2005 in Totnes, England. The idea behind it is how do we go from peak oil, and really peak everything, to Resilience and have a LOT of fun along the way! Join Us in this amazing proecess!!!

 Elisa Beck, Schwartz Living Market: A Project of 1317 East Carson Street
~Linking the Urban and Suburban Food Not Lawns Movement and Healthy Inner and Outer Ecosystems with the Urban Core through the Schwartz Living Market project! Join Us! :)