Friday, March 23, 2012

Schwartz Living Market, Phillips Elementary and Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation Collaborate!

The children learned about Joe Liotta and how he has hand painted the signs since 1938!

The students learned about plants and living buildings from Liz Lynch and Tara Alexander. 

Fourth grade students arriving at the market, in the sunshine, for a tour. Was it a long walk?

Schwartz Living Market at 1317 East Carson Street was infused with wonderful energy on Tuesday, March 20, 2012, when over 40 students from South Side's Phillips Elementary School visited. In collaboration with Pittsburgh History and Landmarks, the students had the opportunity to tour the building and learn about the project in the renovation stage. The children were able to learn first hand about the long term "living building" and "green" plans, see the newly exposed and primed original tin ceiling, circa 1850, we think, learn about how ice was used in grocery warehouses to keep food cold, peek into an old walk-in freezer lined with cork, stand in the giant freight elevator and do some awesome drumming to energize themselves, their teachers, and the space!

That's a tall elevator shaft!

Having some fun!

Phillips Elementary students walking from East Carson Street towards Bingham Street under a newly- primed tin ceiling in the Schwartz Market building at 1317 E. Carson Street.

The kids learned about the rhythm of life from Chad and then had their own chance to drum and jingle, and feel the beat!

Thanks so much to Phillips Elementary School, Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation and the teachers, interns and parents that made this visit so memorable! Also a huge thanks to the Schwartz Living Market and 1317 E. Carson Street project team!

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