Friday, March 23, 2012

Phillips Elementary School Visit in March, 2012

Beautiful bright- eyed student at Phillip's Elementary School!

Curious students with wheat grass display.

South Side's Phillips Elementary School in collaboration with Pittsburgh History and Landmarks welcomed participants in the Schwartz Living Market project at 1317 East Carson Street, to their school on Monday, March 19, 2012. Louise Sturgess, Executive Director of Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation (PHLF) spoke about the historical nature of the Schwartz Market building and the importance of renovation and business development.  Tony Albrecht, architect on the project, Brad Hochberg, the Energy Guy, and Elisa Beck, family member and the lady that is being called the developer at this moment in time, spoke with the children in two fourth grade classrooms. Stan and Laura Beck, also family members, were there along with several interns from PHLF. Mark, another architect and Tony's assistant, volunteered his time as the tech guy. Thanks so much all of you!

Discussions included what an architect does, the anticipated "living building" features of the newly renovated Schwartz Living Market, how the building will be powered with solar energy somewhat like the Phillip's School, what "living food" is, and what types of living food will be available on-site. The kids sampled some delicious living foods and many enjoyed tasting wheat grass and sprouts more than anyone imagined! May the children lead us...

Louise Sturgess, Executive Director of Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation photographing students sampling wheat grass juice. It's alive! What a joy!

Inquisitive student looking at photo of Schwartz Market with architectural plans below. Thanks so much for collaborating with us Phillip's School and Pittsburgh History and Landmarks!

Tony Albrecht, Stan Beck, Laura Beck, interns from PHLF, Elisa Beck, teachers from Phillip's Elementary, Brad Hochberg, Louise Sturgess and Mark.

Brad Hochberg of Energreen asking the children about "green" energy, the sun's energy, and tossing a model of a special energy efficient light bulb. 

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