Sunday, June 23, 2013

Grand Opening Festivities at Schwartz Living Market!

Wow, Wow , Wow!

We're into the Grand Opening weekend at Schwartz Living Market and loving it! We are so thrilled to see so many amazing folks each day come out and play and eat and watch movies and talk and network!

Healcrest Tea Pops Pop Up!

Tribune Review photographer doing some eye tracking in the Vision Gym!

Stan Beck talking with Becky and Libby about indoor sprout farming!

David Smith of  Non-Profit Yellow Corn Native American Recovery; Kate O'Brien, visionary; and Harry Nez, amazing Native American Artist with his hand drawn treasures.

Stay Tuned! There is much more to share, so keep checking back to this blog entry. This is an interesting first. blogging when I'm not done with the blog. When people ask what are we doing in the space, I used to get upset. Now I ask them, 'what are you doing'? What would you like to manifest? And then I often ask them what are their gifts? Or, I know what their gifts are, and ask them to share with one another and the South Side community, and beyond. And they say to me, "But I'm not ready." Hey, this blog entry is not ready, but I'm posting it anyway because it is a beginning and then if you are curious, please check back!!! Elisa Beck :)

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