Sunday, October 2, 2011

From the top of 1317 East Carson Street, visualizing one green rooftop at a time!

Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank's, Kerri LaCharite and James Harrell, Jr., will be speaking at 7:00 PM, October 3, 2011 in the downstairs program room of the Monroeville Public Library. Come join us to see the new USDA People's Garden and to learn about volunteer opportunities, food security and more.  Let's start the conversation about Food, Not Lawns! So, as the urbanites grow more food on their rooftops, and the suburbanites grow more and more food on their lots, we'll be making it available at 1317 East Carson Street/ Schwartz Market. Linking suburban food production to the urban core!  See you there!

Perhaps the Beehive and City Theatre will grow food on their rooftops too? How about a beehive or two or three on top of the Beehive? Collaboration and cooperation is what it's all about!

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